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” Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” (Thomas Edison)

You spend a year, sometimes two, studying a language that is not your mother tongue, wrestling with use of english transformations and listening to stuff that is impossible to understand, but you persevere.

You pay the horrendous amount of 180€ to book your exam and as the exam date gets nearer it becomes harder and harder to sleep.

Panic sets in and then there you are, pencil in hand, four hours to go before it is all over.

Then you wait and you wait until you get the news: 5,9/10.

Who do you blame?  Who can you talk to? What now?

Walking away is tempting but is not the right thing to do.
You need to be strong and objective, you need to identify what went wrong, find a way of putting it right, take your time, but get back on the horse. Otherwise, all the suffering was just a big waste.

Remember, 5,9 is a hair’s breadth away from 6 and with the right attitude, a bit of luck and some surgical reparation to your skills, this exam can be passed.

I have seen people cry and others jump with joy, and can say from experience that the feeling when you pass is worth the pain. Get back into the water and ………………..lot’s of luck!


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